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Monty / Antwerp Feb 21, 2014

How to make the world a better place:
- Drive Less -> Don't drive unless it's an emergency (life in danger) 
- Vote -> Commit to vote (or refuse to vote in a written statement)
- Love more, be generous, no bullshit -> contact the person that you love and remind them you do -> Find someone to actively help them tomorrow
- Kill Dick Cheney (not useful)
- Play more music -> Choose a song and send it to a friend
- always clarify what you don't understand -> get yourself informed about the TTIP
- Go to the toilet one time a day
- Be involved with somebody from another nationality
- Don't buy anything that has been manufactured by someone with less rights than you -> get informed
- Hug somebody now (we did)
- Listen to people more
- Make art
- Ride your bike

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