Random Scream


Karaoke(ART) will be a late night festival show where artists and audience can sing classic karaoke songs which feature embedded videos by established Video Artists from around the world. The artists will be free to create whatever video they desire as long as it clearly embeds the karaoke music and words so people can sing the song during the Karaoke(ART) event.

Random Scream wants to invite international artist to participate in an artistic project in their own unique way. Karaoke(ART) offers the opportunity for them to recontextualize their work in a karaoke format.
Karaoke brings strangers together in a room to watch one another become stars for the moment. Sometimes prepared, other times spontaneous, a great number of us have found ourselves at least once looking through the karaoke catalogue in a bar and begrudgingly singing in front of expectant friends. Inevitably along with the screens that display the bouncing ball or the words turning yellow on cue is a simple, tasteless, and more often than not kitschy video. These videos vaguely support the song but are actually non-entities.

Karaoke(ART) on the other hand asks for the opposite. It asks the video art to come forward. This project invites artists to use their own personal style to reflect on what its like to live in the world today using the Karaoke song of their choice as their conduit. To mix the contemporary art world with a pop culture phenomenon to create something unexpected for both sides.

The artists currently working include - Gary Hill [Good Vibrations The Beach Boys], Chris Kondek [Are you lonesome tonight Elvis Presley], Davis Freeman [Crazy Patsy Cline] (USA) Johan Grimonprez [You are the first, the last, my everything Barry White] , Visual Kitchen [Bohemian Rhapsody Queen], Walter Verdin [Let’s Dance David Bowie], Anouk De Clercq & Fairuz [New York New York Frank Sinatra], Sarah Vanagt [These boots are made for walking Nancy Sinatra] (BE) Tim Etchells [Paint it Black The Rolling Stones] (UK) Jorge León [Like a Virgin Madonna], Laure Prouvost [Sweet Dreams Eurythmics] (FR) Mait Laas [What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong] (EE) Steve Cohen [I will always love you Whitney Houston] (SA)

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