Random Scream

A better place

nobody wanted to go to Afghanistan.
nobody wanted to go to Greece.
nobody wanted to go to Beirut 3:00 am.
nobody wanted to go to Fukushima.
nobody wanted to go to Hell. Well actually a few people did. Two Goth teenagers. They thought it was cool.

In Tallinn, Brussels and Ghent we walked through the city with a door frame on which we put different signs. A thought portal. Though we would change the portal by shifting the signs, the reactions were fairly universal. 

nobody wanted to go to Iraq.
nobody wanted to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
nobody even wanted to go to Deep Space.
A few people did want to go to Heaven though. i mean who doesn’t after all.

There was one couple that came up to our door. i could see them having a small conversation about it from a distance. They arrived and the woman opened the door and walked through, i said “Be good” she said “will do”. The man didn’t walk through and they went off to continue their day. 20 minutes later in another part of the city they came back "i'm glad i found you ... i have to walk through now" he says, with a small conciliatory gesture towards his wife. Obviously some heated conversation had occured where i guess they concluded, better safe then sorry.
Even for the more directly hopeful portals we only had a handful of takers. A few to A place where Climate Change was solved. And one person went to A place where people make their own presents instead of buying them. (it was Christmas time at the Grande Place in Brussels and we couldn't resist.
But a place they could agree on, a portal where we had the most amounts of travelers was quite simply, A Better Place. Once this portal was created they flooded through. stood in lines. Took photos of themselves as they arrived. This inherent dissatisfaction emerged with where they were and that it must possibly get better. A better city, street, country, world?
A Better Place is a portal that acknowledges the active desire for change. It’s a refusal to accept that this is all there is.
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