I've been invited by the Portuguese performance company Cao Denado to make two new works in the Park Devesa in Familiacao outside of Porto this summer. Two new strange works that will throw an unsuspecting audience off their regular paths and see the park in a completely new way. This is what we're developing for AUg 30-September 7.

It all comes out at night is a visual dance performance in the dark using movement, costumes, video, lights & fire to create visual hallucinations for the imagination. It’s about rituals & the animalistic creature that just come out at night. What beautiful and spooky creations might be lurking in the dark? It all comes out at night is a performance good for the whole family but you might need to hold your kids tight! Enjoy.

From the Outside will be a parcour piece where an audience travels through park in groups of 15 and see multiple mini-performances. By projecting the audience as ALIENS visiting this planet they'll be able to anthropologically observe what it is to be human in this time. By collaborating with the natural and man-made spaces in the park we'll create otherworldly performances of dance, theatre, land art, installations, & music to see the Parque Devesa again with fresh eyes. With the cross between a humorous commentary and a fictional education, our guides will lead you through the park to expose the virtuosic talents, desires, conflicts and eroticism of us human in their zoo.