Do my Mouth is a tragicomic journey through heartbreak and love, loss and growth, hilarity and embarrassment. Davis Freeman exorcises his personal demons in a vulnerable dissection of intimate relationships. Balancing between stand-up bravura and intimate disclosure, Freeman reconsiders his own being as a performer and a man making up the balance of a life (well) lived. The story of an artist, a father, a brother and a lover, unfolding through awkward sexual reminiscences, painful family secrets, and an inward search for… “Joy, Light and Happiness” not just for himself but for us too. - Elke Van Campenhout


Do my Mouth is a stand –up comedy routine reflecting on life, death, me too, and a grandfather in the KKK. Maybe it’s more of a tragic –comedy that’s part ted talk and part motivational speaker. We can find ourselves under control by the histories of our ancestors but how can we break that shit up and just “give it back”? How do we move on when we’re confronted with an unexpected death of a friend or family member? Do my Mouth is a celebration of broken moments and how we can confront the past to look forward to the future.- Davis Freeman


Directed and conceived : Davis Freeman
Performance : Davis & Kaya Freeman
Visual Graphics : Sam Vanoverschelde.
Special Thanks to : Diane Foudringer, & Need Company
Produced: Random Scream & Bit Teatergarasjen