7 Promises features two ecological preachers (Davis Freeman & Jerry Killick) that call for the audience to turn their words into action. We know we’re up against an impending ecological disaster but the question is, why are we not doing more about it? 7 Promises looks at these issues with a sense of urgency and humor. This highly adaptable show has been presented on the street, for diplomats and ambassadors, and in the context of numerous ecological conferences. For every promise the audience makes they get a free shot of VODKA. So as expected it's a good late night show that turns into a party.

***Available and performed in Portuguese by Beatriz & Leanor Wellancamp Carretas

Direction – Davis Freeman
Performance- Davis Freeman & Jerry Killick
Video Graphics- Sam Vanoverschelde
Co-produced by Bains Connective & Random Scream

7 Promises starts with a 15 minute speech by two environmental preachers about the ecological challenges we currently face with a local live organist playing background church music. They then propose 7 promises to the audience. For every promise the audience agrees with, they come up in front of the stage, write down their name, receive a button that says "I made a Promise" and they get a free shot of vodka. They are simple promises like going to a local farmers market and buying 10 euros of food every week for 4 weeks, Not eating meat for one month, to not having children for the rest of your life. The audience and the performers get a bit drunk that naturally turns into a nice party where we talk about our promises.