Random Scream was created in 1999 to expose the eclectic elements of everyday culture with proposed lines of flight for dance, theatre, and visual arts. Originally created with the artist Lilia Mestre, Random Scream is now run by Davis Freeman and his ever evolving mix of collaborators. The projects aim to draw attention to what is already there by focusing on our personal interactions and how our choices directly affect each other and the community we live in.


Do my Mouth (2018)
Some things only become clear much later (2016)
Fathers & Sons (2015)
Nu & de Toekomst (2014)
Karaoke (ART) (2014)
11 hour (music) (2014)
11 hour (performance) (2014)
A Better place (2013)
Expanding Energy (2011)
7 Promises (2011)
Too shy to stare revisited
Investment (2009)
What you need to know (2008)
Assassins (2008)
Saving Lies (2008)
Exposure (2008)
Assassins (2007)
Moving Parts (2007)
Around the corner*(2007)
Memorial for lost memories (2006)
Dejeuner sur l’herbe (2005)
Tearjerker (2005)
Everybody is (2004) Davis Freeman/Lilia Mestre
Everything you wanted to know about the club scene (2004) Davis Freeman
Hands (2003) Davis Freeman
Fading Fast (2002)Davis Freeman/Lilia Mestre
Universal Minutes (2001) Davis Freeman
Too Shy to Stare (2001) Davis Freeman
11th Hour (2001) Davis Freeman
Untitle me (1999) Davis Freeman/Lilia Mestre